jBPM5 Developer Guide Official Presentation @London

Hi all, with the book  almost being printed out, we have organized an oficial presentation with the help of the JBug London.  We (Esteban Aliverti and I) will be giving a talk about the book the 12th of December. Seats are limited, so make sure to reserve yours today:


We will be giving away a free copy of the book to the attendee who makes the more interesting questions during the talk. Feel free to drop us a line with comments or expectations about the talk. You can start looking at the examples provided with the book here:


We will be posting a detailed agenda about the presentation shortly.

Stay Tuned!

PS: you can follow us on twitter: @salaboy and @ilesteban

2 thoughts on “jBPM5 Developer Guide Official Presentation @London”

    1. Hi Adrian,
      It will be out in the next few days, as far as I know it will be printed next week. We are presenting it the 12th of December, and the expected date is the 10th, if nothing goes wrong.

      Thanks for the interest.


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