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Drools Grid (version 2) – #4 Drools Grid Distributed Rio

Hi there! I’m back with news about the Drools Grid Distributed Rio implementation. We will see during this post how to set up the Rio environment to run the example that I shown for Local and Remote distribution environments. For this reason this post will be divided in two main sections: Setting Up the Environment and Running and Configuring the Example.

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Drools Grid (version 2) – #1 Modules Introduction

Hi there, I’m right now commiting/merging into the JBoss Drools trunk the new version of the Drools Grid module. The idea of this module and all its submodules is to provide the ability to execute distributed knowledge session across distributed grid of machines/nodes.

For achieving this big goal we can set up different components that will allow us to transparently distribute our knowledge session based on the requirements that we have for our applications.
In this post I will give a quick overview about each of these components and in the next few post I will be trying to show how we can use this project in real life scenarios.

Remember that this is a work in progress, so community feedback is appreciated!

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Drools Grid + Rio Project (using Gnostic)

In this post I will describe a simple use case to demonstrate the Drools Grid + Rio Project integration capabilities. I will include also the use of Gnostic, that it’s a Rio new service to monitor our grid of services based on rules that we define using SLAs.

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