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Inception – The Anti Pattern – jBPM5 & Drools

It was a great year (2011), I have been doing consulting for all over the world about jBPM5 and Drools, visiting more than 15 different clients on different locations. All of them highly interested in learning and using these projects. But I notice, in at least 5 of them a weird new Anti Pattern which I call “Inception”. Most of the time they have a “Business” justification, but technically they all know that they are gonna have troubles at some point in the future. So, I decide to write a post with some thoughts around this anti-pattern for two main reasons:

  • It’s good to share when something around the projects, or how the people use the projects, is not right
  • I want to write a post before the end of the year with a special thanks section đŸ™‚

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