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My thoughts on #BPM, #CM, #DM, #Rules, #Knowledge Formalization and Automation

For this article, I’ve tried to summarize what I’ve learned in the last 9+ years working on Open Source projects. BPM, Process Engines, Case Management, Rule Engines and Decision Management.  They are all related to the fact that they promote Knowledge Formalisation and Automation with the sole purpose of making sure that we, as developers, don’t hide what is really important for the business/organization in the software that we build.  These technologies and methodologies also build up on the idea of making sure that we can start small and iteratively cover more and more scenarios.  For these reasons, I thought that it would be good to create a blog post with my opinions on the technology, the outstanding issues, and some thoughts on what I believe it is going to be a very interesting future. I welcome any comments or additions that you might have and am open to new opinions and debate on the subject!

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#Drools & #jBPM London Meetup (22/11/16)

Hi there! Here are the details for the meetup schedulled the 22nd of November here in London:


Mark, Kris and Geoffrey will be talking about version 7 of the platform. The following topics will be covered:

  • The new Rich Client Platform
  • The new BPMN2 Designer
  • New Case Management and Modelling
  • Improved Advanced Decision Tables and new Decision Model Notation
  • Improved Forms and Page building
  • Fully integrated DashBuilder reporting
  • New OptaPlanner features & performance improvements

But more importantly, you will have the chance to talk with the project leaders about future plans, how to contribute & get involved with the projects, and their recommendations for your specific use cases.

See you there!

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Merry XMAS and Happy New Year! (from salaboy.com)

First of all, Merry XMAS and  Happy New year for all of you! I know that this blog has been a quiet this year, but believe me it worth it. I’ve spent all my time working on the jBPM Console NG/KIE Workbench and all the new features that will be released in the 6.2 community version as part of the Drools & jBPM Project. We are now getting ready to start working on the next major version, so I’m looking forward to the 2015, I know that it will be very exiting! As a personal commitment I’m planning to start writing more AI related posts around abduction reasoning, classical planning and some other topics that I found fascinating. So keep an eye on the this blog because I will make sure to keep it as updated as possible. IMG_0008

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