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Drools 5 Community Training – Module #2: Drools 5 and jBPM5 Architectural Overview

Hi all! Here I’m sharing a presentation that gives us an overview about the components that we will find inside the Drools & jBPM5 Platform.  The main idea of this presentation explain basic concepts about the components and its interactions. At the end of the post to demo applications are also introduced, you can find the applications source code and posts about them in the bottom section of this post! You can also take a look at the updated roadmap for the Drools 5 Community Training here.

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Drools Grid (version 2) – #2 Drools Grid Services Intro

I’m back with another blog post about how to start using Drools Grid. I will write a set of post with a top down approach. With this I mean that I will write all the articles focused on the User Perspective of the project. That’s why I will start writing about Drools Grid Service (drools-grid-services). This project gives to the user a high level abstraction about how a grid is conformed and how we can start using it. During this blog post I will be showing how you can start using the APIs and the LocalProviders. On following post we will dive into Remote and Distributed Environments.

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Drools Grid: Execution Services APIs and Architecture (Part 3)

This post is a continuation and an updated version of two of my previous posts (the first one and the second one) where I introduce the current effort of deploying Drools into a grid environment. After a few refactorings, I get new version that uses the same API to conform  a simple distributed grid using the Mina Implementation or a full featured grid using the RIO implementation.

During the following sections I will describe how to start using these APIs to interact no matter the underlying implementation  you choose.

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