1) I’m a Netbeans User since version 4.x (yes, the slow version), that obviously means that I’m not an Eclipse user. Sometimes I will provide screenshots of how things looks like in Eclipse just for learning reasons (JBoss learning reasons). But, remember all my examples are IDE agnostic.

2) All the examples that I will show here are Maven Projects, if you don’t know about Maven, you should learn about it. *

3) I will  provide all my examples using JUnit tests. So if you don’t know about how JUnit works, you should learn about it. *

4) If some of my examples require a database I will use H2 (in memory database). Oftenly used for unit testing. I will also try to provide all the configurations for MySQL 5 too.

5) All my examples are tested using the latest snapshots of the Drools Project. **

6) I became a Mac user in 2009 (before that, I was a pure Linux guy), so all the examples are tested in Snow Leopard, but they should work in every platform (I’m right now using Sun JDK 1.6).

* 2 and 3 will be very helpful if you want to send questions, snippets of code or full projects to review or discuss with me.

** This will let us play with the latest and coolest stuff out there.

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