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I am happy to be partnering with as a Kubernetes Instructor. LearnK8s has been teaching Kubernetes worldwide and creating amazing content on their blog

I am happy to bring my Open Source, Java, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and Cloud Native experience to help others to get started in their Kubernetes journey and share what I’ve been learning in the past 4 years.

My first task is making Kubernetes more approachable for Java devs. I’ll be authoring a mini-course (similar to this one) on how to architect, develop and deploy a Spring Boot application from scratch in Kubernetes. If you are interested in Kubernetes training for your teams you can contact learnk8s here and follow them on twitter at: @learnk8s.

4 thoughts on “Salaboy @”

  1. Is there a link missing? I’d like to take a look!
    “I’ll be authoring a mini-course (similar to this one)”


  2. It’s pretty nice to hear about this new kubernets course path. I follow your posts since jBPM3, and all are always clear and simple to learn.


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