Drools Workshops LATAM 2015

Yesterday, I’ve finish my trip and my last workshop here in Buenos Aires. I would like to thank all the people that made it possible from Chile and Argentina. In these last two weeks I’ve met wonderful people looking forward to use Drools in very advanced scenarios. I’m quite happy with the results because more and more people is trying to use Drools in very different ways to solve very different problems, but they share all the same passion. They all understand how and why Drools (& jBPM) can really help to facilitate how we can build flexible applications that decouple the business logic layer, so it can be updated to reflect the company changes when it is needed.

Here you can find the slides that I’ve used, which contains some useful links about the project and the community around it:

All the source code from the workshop’s examples can be found here:


I will keep working on improving some of these examples, so if you attended (or not) but you want to contribute to build a better example set for future workshops feel free to contact me so we can collaborate to improve the examples.

Here is the streaming of the Buenos Aires event. Thanks MuleSoft for recording the event (Spanish audio):

Last but not least some pics of both events:


I’m going back to Europe tomorrow, so if we are around and know people interested about Drools and/or jBPM get in touch! We might organise a workshop next to you!


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