Uberfire Framework @ GWT Create 2015 US/EU

#GWTCreate 2015 is over now and Uberfire & Errai were part of it in both the US (San Francisco) and EU (Munich).  You can take a look at the slides here:

I really enjoyed the conference, a lot of smart people showed up, so I’m looking forward to be part of it next year!

Here are some pictures of the event in Munich & San Francisco

IMG_0622 IMG_0626 IMG_0627


11 thoughts on “Uberfire Framework @ GWT Create 2015 US/EU”

  1. Hi Mauricio,

    I had worked with earlier versions (pre-6.x) of Drools – which I consider a great open source project .

    However I spent almost 3 weeks figuring quite unsuccessfully how to integrate jBPM/Drools with my existing Spring/Hibernate/Oracle stack with Jenkins.

    1. How to have it clustered on tomcat?
    2. How to use leverage CI using Jenkins?
    3. How to enable Business Users to have access jBPM Uberfire UI – at Dev, Perf & Prod level – such that Business users can make a change in Dev – we deploy using Jenkins, like wise on Perf have it – performance tested & then deploy to Prod.

    I have sent an email to your gmail id as well.

    Feel free to let me know if this is not a reasonable ask.



    1. Hi Kiran,
      It sounds like a common use case but not a trivial one to setup. We are working on assets promotions to different staging servers for the next version. For now you will need to handle that on your own.
      I don’t understand the context of your questions. You want to integrate with Sping (Hibernate and Oracle are already being used/supported inside the projects, so you don’t need to much there).

      About clustering, what exactly do you want to cluster? There are different layers that needs to be clustered different (git repo, runtime, data access, etc).

      About jenkins.. your an clone the kie-wb git repository and build the projects using jenkins.. then just publish the artefacts to nexus and use them from there to create your runtimes.

      For the last question about dev, test, prod, as I mention we are working on it inside the kie-wb but you are always free to implement a custom solution outside the provided tooling if the tooling is too restrictive.


      PS: sorry for the ultra late reply.


    1. Uberfire is a generic component framework, you need to ask the KIE guys about that, because it sounds like a component that can be created with uberfire but it is much more high level


  2. Hi We would like to know if Guvnor or KIE expose any API to for guided rule functionality to call in our internal application


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