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Hi All!

Well, I’m closing my participation in the GsoC 2014, and in this post I will try to show all the things we’ve reached with my mentor Mauricio Salatino, aka salaboy.

First at all, I want to thank the GSoC organization members for giving me (and many other students around the work) this possibility and obviously to Mauricio for all the help and guidance provided not only for this project, but for how to work in an open source project. I’m very happy as this work was the way to get really inside the open source world and I’m interested to continue with this project and others to give my support to the community.

I have made a simple video to demo what can be done in the new module I created, that I expect it will continue being improved and help many people:

You can see…

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Kubernetes-Addict, Open Source Developer. Now StaffEngineer @ VMware for the @KnativeProject, ex-Instructor at @LearnK8s, previously Senior Software Developer @ Red Hat / JBoss.

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One thought on “Documents Module. Alpha 1”

  1. Dear Salaboy,
    i was playing around with jBPM KIE Workbench and was wondering if there any tutorial describing how to use the REST or SOAP external services with it. I can see a lot of examples by the code but no examples with paramiters on workbench. I was trying to create the simple REST service wich returns the string as a responce to the GET call for the link http://localhost:8081/Test1/rest/hello.
    I created a simple Business Process with the Start Event – REST Service Task – End Event.
    I was trying to map DataInputSet paramiters for the REST Service Task as Url, Methos and Result as a string and DataOutputSet – actually i’m not sure here if this make any sense, but i creted a variable _Result with the same type as for input. Then i go to the Assignments and can map with no problems the Url and Method input variables with the desired values, but how i can get the Result value? since it should be returned value from the web service call? I can launch the process and from the server log i can see what the service get called with the success, but can’t find the way to get the response value!
    Do i miss something? is there any way to call web service and get the response from this call?

    Thanks in advance!


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