JudCon Brazil 2013: jBPM & Drools Sessions

The JudCon Brazil 2013 Agenda has being released and two talks about jBPM and four about Drools were accepted. You can see the agenda here: http://www.jboss.org/events/JUDCon/2013/brazil/agenda. I will be giving an introductory talk about jBPM and then a more advanced talk where I will be showing the new jBPM Console NG. Stay tuned for more news about the event! I hope to see you all there! Image

7 thoughts on “JudCon Brazil 2013: jBPM & Drools Sessions”

      1. Hello Mauricio. My name is Victor Franca.
        I’m a java programmer at a brazilian software house called Infox.
        Here we have been working with JBPM for 6 years.
        Using JBPM3 we built a big and widely used software called PJ-e(http://www.csjt.jus.br/pje-jt). PJ-e is an eletronic platform for legal proceedings used by big judicial entities at Brazil like Regional Federal Court and Nacional Council of Justice.
        Now, we are researching about JBPM5 in order to use it in the next project that i’m technically responsible. I’m reading your book “JBPM5 user guide” and i’m liking it.
        As our projects uses a lot of JBPM, maybe we could be in touch in order to change experiences. I think we can help to improve JBPM.


        Victor Franca


  1. HI Victor,
    sure jBPM is a community project so you can get involve whenever you have time to work on it. Let’s touch base in the event and see how we can collaborate.
    Right now we are working on 6, so we need all the help that we can get to get it better.



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