Drools 5 Community Training – Module #2: Drools 5 and jBPM5 Architectural Overview

Hi all! Here I’m sharing a presentation that gives us an overview about the components that we will find inside the Drools & jBPM5 Platform.  The main idea of this presentation explain basic concepts about the components and its interactions. At the end of the post to demo applications are also introduced, you can find the applications source code and posts about them in the bottom section of this post! You can also take a look at the updated roadmap for the Drools 5 Community Training here.

Module #2: Drools 5 and jBPM5 Architectural Overview

The agenda of this module looks like:

  • Core Components
  • Drools Main Modules
  • Possible Architectures
  • Demos



3 thoughts on “Drools 5 Community Training – Module #2: Drools 5 and jBPM5 Architectural Overview”

  1. Hello, when trying to run mvn clean install on the emergency-service-drools-app / project, it gives the folowing error:

    Failed to read artifact descriptor for com.wordpress.salaboy.smarttasks:smart-tasks-api:jar:1.0-SNAPSHOT: Could not transfer artifact com.wordpress.salaboy.smarttasks:smart-tasks-api:pom:1.0-SNAPSHOT from/to PlugTree (https://repository-plugtree-org.forge.cloudbees.com/snapshot/): Not authorized, ReasonPhrase:Authorization Required.

    I’ve followed the instructions in the README file without success.
    Can you help me, please?


      1. I did.
        The compilation resumed and after that it stopped at …jbpm-human-task-war:5.3.0-SNAPSHOT.
        At that point I download the jbpm project but it did’t compile either…
        Then I altered the dependency to 5.2.0-SNAPSHOT but the tests failed.
        I’m stuck.


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