Drools 5 Community Training – Module #1.5: Drools Expert First Example

Hi all! Here I’m sharing a simple presentation that shows a very simple example using Drools Expert. The main idea of this presentation is to show how you can start using Drools in your own projects. It also describe a real world situation that can be modeled using Business Rules and Java Objects. Check out the sample project to understand how to set up your own project! You can also take a look at the updated roadmap for the Drools 5 Community Training here.

Module #1.5: Drools Expert First Example

The agenda for this module is quite simple:

  • Introduction
  • Business Rule Structure
  • Drools Expert Example Scenario
  • Hands on



Important Links

Code repository (github.com): https://github.com/Salaboy/Drools_jBPM5-Training-Examples

Drools 5 Community Training Roadmap

Stay Tuned!

5 thoughts on “Drools 5 Community Training – Module #1.5: Drools Expert First Example”

  1. Hi Olasamuel,
    Thanks for the feedback, I will be working on improving that app later this year. Just for you to know is an open source project that I do with a couple of more people in my free time, if you wanna contribute to make things easier you are more than welcome. Saying that it’s a nightmare and not explaining exactly what is happening or which error are you facing doesn’t contribute too much to improve things 🙂


  2. Thank you once again. To be honest it is difficult to explain. The point is whenever you build the application you get differnet errors of different dependencies not been able to download. I am thinking whether the application is outdated or don’t really know what is happening. I have tried my best to download those maven dependencies and install them manually but its seems the list of dependencies that cannot be downloaded keep on growing. Furthermore, with all humility it is very difficult following the steps in setting up the application as some of the steps are not correct. While I know that it is open source, I also believe that it will be difficult to make a meaningful contribution if I do not know the root of the problem.



  3. It shouldn’t be so difficult, which dependencies are missing? Did you clone the smart-tasks project also? can you try building that project first and then the emergency services project? In which operating system are you trying to build the app? We get it running in OSX and Ubuntu. Cheers


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