jBPM5 Community Training – Module #2.5: BPM For Developers

Hi there, I just add a new module for the jBPM5 Community Training called BPM for developers. This module will cover some of the most technical aspects in the BPM discipline. Trying to show how BPM fits in a company ecosystem and how End Users and Developers feel the changes. I will be waiting special feedback for this module because I will present it this afternoon in the Java User Group Argentina, so stay tuned for changes in the content 🙂

Module #2.5: BPM For Developers

This module will cover the following Agenda:

  • What is Business Process Management
    • Business Process != Workflow
    • Main Stages
    • BPM Systems
  • Companies Ecosystems
  • How does BPM affect my job?



4 thoughts on “jBPM5 Community Training – Module #2.5: BPM For Developers”

  1. Hi Mauricio.

    Great job that is been done with this training material. Thank you very much and keep the good work guy!

    Here are some questions:

    * Slide 24: What is the meaning of this slide? I didn’t understand why the end user doesn’t want a new application? Wasn’t he the one who asked for it?

    * Slides 28 and 34:
    “End Users will end up with an Unified User Interface.”
    a) How does a BPM system impose this? Is it true only if BPMS is not been used embedded, like been used with a BPM Console?
    b) Is there a jBPM plugin / component that generates a UI based on the properties of an user task node, in other words, a form automatically generated from an user task description?

    * Slide 32: Is it possible to implement the UI with any technology? In this community training will there be an example with JBoss Seam + Facelets + RichFaces (the stack I’m interested in)?

    Ok, that’s it.
    Best regards!
    Francisco Barros
    from Brazil


  2. Business schools may not yet be doing as good as job as they could or should, but any alternative to better and wider education in business management is to stare over a terrifying precipice.Your slide show is good way demonstrated.


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