Drools 5 Community Training – Module #1: Drools BLiP Theoretical Introduction

It’s better late than never! Here is the first module of the Drools 5 Community Training. This module covers a theoretical introduction to some topics that you need to know, at least hear of them before start working with Drools. I think that you already know that the Drools official web page is: www.drools.org and you can find all the official documentation of the project there. As always we will be waiting your feedback and comments to improve the material. If you think that extra topics should be included don’t hesitate to write a comment here.

Module #1: Drools BLiP Theoretical Introduction

This module cover an overview of  the main concepts used inside Drools and jBPM5. We need to take a look at these topics in order to understand how to use Drools and jBPM5. All the APIs of the project reflect these concepts and it’s extremely important to read about these topics in order to understand how to create solutions using Drools and jBPM5.

The agenda for this module is:

  • Theoretical Background
  • Drools Business Logic Integration Platform Introduction
    • Drools Expert
    • jBPM5 / Drools Flow
    • Drools Fusion
    • Drools Guvnor


Future revisions of this module will include:

  • Speaker notes for each slide
  • Video / Webinar
  • Books and papers references

Feel free to suggest more material that helps you to understand the content of this module!


You can take a look at the “Contact Me” section for more information about this training course, suggestions, questions, feature requests, etc. Don’t be shy, your feedback helps to improve the quality of the material and to discover the important topics that needs to be addresses to reduce the learning hype.

PS: this module will be also published in: http://ilesteban.wordpress.com -> Thanks for the Support!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to www.plugtree.com for supporting the Drools community.

Special thanks to Alejandro “ivcoti” Ramirez for the Drools Community Training Logo!

6 thoughts on “Drools 5 Community Training – Module #1: Drools BLiP Theoretical Introduction”

  1. The introduction is awesome. It would be more useful to have a recorded video session on these materials since there isn’t any existing one.


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