JBoss Community Recognition Awards 2011

I just want to share with all of you guys two important news that really motivates me to keep going with this blog and all the community things that I’ve being working for this last 4 years. First of all, I was nominated by Mark Proctor  (JBoss Drools Project Leader) to the JBoss Community Recognition Awards 2011. I was nominated for two categories:

The winner for these awards are obviously selected by the community. You can vote for me (Mauricio Salatino) if you have a http://community.jboss.org/ account. If you don’t have an account you can create a new one and join the jBPM forums to ask questions and see a lot of  community content. The other really good news is that in February this blog receive more than six thousands (6000) visits, and that really keep me motivated to continue posting all the training material and example projects.

I wanna thank you all for your support!

PS: jBPM5 Interesting Reads -> http://kverlaen.blogspot.com/2011/03/some-interesting-reads.html

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