jBPM 5 is out!

Hi Community, jBPM 5 is out!

Take a look at the following post from Kris!

It’s a great time to get involved and help with docs and with testing, I strongly recommend getting in contact with Kris, or write me an email if you are interested in help!

Stay Tuned!

3 thoughts on “jBPM 5 is out!”

  1. i downloaded the jbpm 5 snapshot and OMG
    there are also changing packages
    i read your book (and thank you for what you did)
    when i tried to make some practice so i found that
    a lot of change happened between jbpm 3 and 4
    so 3 days ago i found that there is a jbpm 4
    and also a lot of refactoring and package changed
    why all these change between jbpm version
    will be a stable version ??


  2. Hi, well.. you know thing gets better with time.
    Right now jBPM is facing some major changes.. if you plan to learn something, start playing with jBPM5 is the way to go. One of the main reasons is the BPMN2 implementation. That will allow you to interoperate with any BPM vendor.
    I will try to blog about it.. The same concepts are applied, but I understand that I need to introduce some new topics that seems to be different from the user perspective.
    Greetings and thanks for your comment!


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