Happy new year!

I’ve just get 8 paper copies from my first book published by Packt Pub. I wanna thank you all for the support and wish you a Happy new Year!

Be ready for 2010, because there’s a lot of interesting things coming!

jBPM Developer Guide

2 thoughts on “Happy new year!”

  1. Hi! i’m starting to work with jBPM and i really have no idea. what i have to do, is to implement some methods in java using the classes of JBPM. for example a method to create the task start, a method to create the task end… a metod to create a transaction between two tasks, and here is where i have the problem (right now). i don’t know if there is any parameter in a process instance to define a transaction between two nodes (tasks) of a instance. can you help me? how can i do it?


    1. Hi man, sorry for the delay in my answer. You need to read the official documentation first. Did you already create your Business Process? What kind of problem are you trying to solve with jBPM?


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