JSR 318 = EJB 3.1

La nueva especificacion de Enterprise Java Beans se esta gestando mediante la Java Specification Resource 318
La nueva version incluira cosas interesantes:

Aspects that should be considered by the Expert Group for inclusion in this work include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Removal of the requirement for a separate local business interface.
  • Support for direct use of EJBs in the servlet container, including simplified packaging options.
  • Singleton beans.
  • Support for asynchronous session bean invocation.
  • Support for stateful web services via stateful session bean web service endpoints.
  • Specification of concurrency options for stateful session beans.
  • Application-level callback notifications, including for container initialization and shutdown.
  • EJB Timer Service enhancements to support cron-like scheduling, deployment-time timer creation, and stateful session bean timed objects.
  • An ejb-jar level component environment to simplify the specification of shared dependencies among components.

Como se puede ver, en este caso dejaron JPA 2.0 en una especificacion aparte (JSR 317), la cual promete bastantes mejoras y nuevas features.

Y el calendario estimado es el siguiente:

August 2007 Expert group formed
December 2007 Early Draft Review
April 2008 Public Review
Q4 2008 Final release.

Lamentablemente el Early Draft previsto para el mes de Diciembre pasado todavia no esta disponible.

Sin embargo ya hay varios blogs y varias paginas dedicadas a mostrar los avances y las nuevas features que EJB 3.1 presentara.

Aca les dejo algunos links como para que vayan viendo que se viene:


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