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Emergency Services V3: Proposed features

This blog post is to share with the community the roadmap of the emergency service application for the third iteration.
This application was designed to show how to architect an application using Drools and jBPM5. The application demonstrate several features of each project module and we are trying to add and complete the application with more and more features through different iterations.

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Emergency Services V2: jBPM5 and Drools Blueprint

I’m proud to release the second version of the Emergency Services jBPM5 and Drools demo application. We (@ilesteban and I @salaboy) spend a fair amount of time creating the second version that helps us to show some best practices about how to build applications on top of the Drools & jBPM5 platform. We are advertising this application as a jBPM5 and Drools blueprint that shows one of the possible architectures that can be used to build robust applications mixing Business Processes, Business Rules and Complex Event Processing. I’m also happy to announce that a new dev has join us (@calcacuervo) in this effort to share best practices and an end to end application that shows. We are waiting for your feedback and contributions, feel free to join us there are tons of things to do!

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Drools In Real Life: Drools/jBPM5 Server (first steps)

This post is targeted to people that wants to build real life applications and solutions using Drools. Most of the times that we create applications that use Drools  we need about how to create applications that require multiple Knowledge Sessions to host different knowledge resources that solves different problems at different points in time. This post introduces the very first steps to use Drools Server that can host multiple knowledge sessions to run Rules and jBPM5 business processes.

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