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London (May 26th) Drools & jBPM community contributor meeting

London, Chiswick, May 26th to May 30th

During next week a large percentage of the Drools team, some of the jBPM team and some community members will be meeting in London (Chiswick). There won’t be any presentations, we’ll just be in a room hacking, designing, exchanging ideas and planing. This is open to community members who wish to contribute towards Drools or jBPM, and want help with those contributions. This also includes people working on open source or academic projects that utilise Drools or jBPM. Email me if you want to attend, our locations may very (but within chiswick) each day.

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Results from the Drools & jBPM Workshop @ Bcn (10th Dec)

I’m quite happy to say that the Barcelona Workshop was a complete success. Once again I would like to thanks the @BarcelonaJug for all the effort that they put into organise these meetups. This post is to share some pics and some overall comments about the event.

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Drools & jBPM Workshop @ Barcelona (10th Dec)

Hi everyone, I’m adding here all the things that we will be using during the workshop session here in Barcelona. It’s really good to see that we will have a room full of people interested in the tools and the projects. If you are reading this post before attending the session please download the files linked here, this will save us a lot of time that can be spent in asking/answering more questions. I’m also adding the slides that we will be using during the sessions to keep as reference for future workshops.

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