Results from the Drools & jBPM Workshop @ Bcn (10th Dec)

I’m quite happy to say that the Barcelona Workshop was a complete success. Once again I would like to thanks the @BarcelonaJug for all the effort that they put into organise these meetups. This post is to share some pics and some overall comments about the event.

The Barcelona Java User Group


Find here some pics about the group, with almost 30 attendees interested in Drools & jBPM the workshop was a success, all of the attendees manage to run & play with KIE Workbench:


IMG-20131212-WA0007 IMG-20131212-WA0003 IMG-20131212-WA0005 IMG-20131212-WA0006 IMG-20131212-WA0008 IMG-20131212-WA0002

If you are working in a company based in Barcelona, I strongly suggest you to support your local JUG. This will benefit you to build up your knowledge, bring expert people from abroad and share the knowledge that is being produced locally by the other members of the group.

Do the Workshop on your own Laptop

Once again I’m sharing the files that we distributed on the workshop so you can try it on your own environment. If you are interested in building all the projects from the source code let me know I can help you out to set up the environment to get you started.

Workshop Files to Download

Slides from the Workshop

Feedback from the Community

As usual, when we present the community projects, we gather a lot of feedback from the people that is testing the tool and we take notes to improve the user experience. I’ve noticed from this last meet up that there is a lot of interest in knowing about the project internals. For that reason I’ve proposed another meet up probably for the beginning of February to cover Drools & jBPM from the framework perspective without showing the tooling. I do believe that knowing the framework internals is something interesting for most of developers, but at the same time I feel that knowing about the tools will give them a more higher level understand about what’s the main purpose of these frameworks and tools. You can obviously target to a wider audience with the UI provided by the KIE Workbench, showing with this tools how you can help the whole company spectrum with a knowledge driven solution.

As a reminder, all the software that we had shown in the meet up was built using the master branch of the source code repositories, so you can expect some issues that are being solved. The main idea of showing the community builds is to encourage people to participate into this community projects.

Feel free to write some comments into this blog post with some suggestions about what kind of topics you would like to see in an internal talk about Drools & jBPM. I usually like to talk about both frameworks because they shared a lot of common topics that needs to be discussed under the same context.

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10 thoughts on “Results from the Drools & jBPM Workshop @ Bcn (10th Dec)

  1. Bruno says:

    Mauricio Salatino,

    Estoy empezando a utilizar Kie-Workbench pero no tengo el conocimiento técnico en informatica. El kie-wb 6.1 esta disponible para download? Es posible una persona sin conocimiento técnico instalar el kie y utilizarlo?

    Muchas Gracias

  2. Irma Fernandez says:

    Felicitaciones Mauricio, espero haya sido todo un éxito, Saludos desde Mendoza, Argentina

  3. sariaessid says:

    Congratulations Sir.

  4. Ram says:

    Hello Salaboy , The workshop files are no longer accessible. Have they been removed

  5. JuanPerugia says:

    Hola Salaboy!!

    tenes idea de si va a haber algún nuevo workshop de Drools y/o jBPM en Argentina ?
    Algunos quedamos afuera la última vez que estuvieron por acá!

    También me sería muy útil saber donde puedo recibir capacitación en Drools aquí en Argentina.. ¿algún dato?

    Muchas gracias y tu blog es excelente !

    • salaboy says:

      Buenas Juan,
      no que yo sepa, por ahora no hay nada planeado en argentina, y estando lejos es mucho mas dificil. Puedes ponerte en contacto con mi amigo Mariano -> el seguramente te puede guiar en Drools y jBPM.

      Yo siempre dispuesto a hacer algún tipo de webinar con algún user group, es cuestión de organizar nada mas.

      Saludos por alla

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