Drools ~ Basic Rules example

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In the previous post we learned how to configure a Drools Project. Now is time to create a Drools Project and learn the different ways of interacting with the Drools Session in order to insert objects into the memory and let the engine do its work.

First of all, we will review the project configuration and the data model involved in this example.

After that, we will review the Drools API and explain the decisions that we want to make and the rules that will help us to meet our goal. Finally, Test Cases for our project are explained step by step.

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Documents Module. Alpha 1


This is a great community contribution! We are looking for more passionate community contributors out there, so get involved!

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Hi All!

Well, I’m closing my participation in the GsoC 2014, and in this post I will try to show all the things we’ve reached with my mentor Mauricio Salatino, aka salaboy.

First at all, I want to thank the GSoC organization members for giving me (and many other students around the work) this possibility and obviously to Mauricio for all the help and guidance provided not only for this project, but for how to work in an open source project. I’m very happy as this work was the way to get really inside the open source world and I’m interested to continue with this project and others to give my support to the community.

I have made a simple video to demo what can be done in the new module I created, that I expect it will continue being improved and help many people:

You can see…

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Building a Business Process with Human tasks on jBPM (Part 1)


Look at this blog post about how to get you started with jBPM

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A couple of weeks ago I started looking for human tasks tutorials in jBPM and I found that most of them used the business process that come with jBPM by default but I wanted something that would start from scratch and that could be followed step by step to achieve a working BPD with human tasks. Then I started talking with Salaboy about creating a tutorial about how to build a business process that involved human tasks.

The idea is to create a business process that will represent a loan request sent to a bank, where a user will request for a loan and depending on the amount requested

Let me try to guide  you through this:

  • Lets start by accessing the Business Authoring section from the Authoring menu on the top bar
  • Then we’ll click on New -> Project, let’s call our project “BankingApp”
  • After clicking on Ok…

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