Uberfire Framework @ GWT Create 2015 US/EU

#GWTCreate 2015 is over now and Uberfire & Errai were part of it in both the US (San Francisco) and EU (Munich).  You can take a look at the slides here:

I really enjoyed the conference, a lot of smart people showed up, so I’m looking forward to be part of it next year!

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Merry XMAS and Happy New Year! (from salaboy.com)

First of all, Merry XMAS and  Happy New year for all of you! I know that this blog has been a quiet this year, but believe me it worth it. I’ve spent all my time working on the jBPM Console NG/KIE Workbench and all the new features that will be released in the 6.2 community version as part of the Drools & jBPM Project. We are now getting ready to start working on the next major version, so I’m looking forward to the 2015, I know that it will be very exiting! As a personal commitment I’m planning to start writing more AI related posts around abduction reasoning, classical planning and some other topics that I found fascinating. So keep an eye on the this blog because I will make sure to keep it as updated as possible. IMG_0008

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Drools ~ Basic Rules example

Originally posted on eze>grande:

In the previous post we learned how to configure a Drools Project. Now is time to create a Drools Project and learn the different ways of interacting with the Drools Session in order to insert objects into the memory and let the engine do its work.

First of all, we will review the project configuration and the data model involved in this example.

After that, we will review the Drools API and explain the decisions that we want to make and the rules that will help us to meet our goal. Finally, Test Cases for our project are explained step by step.

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