Drools Workshops Chile/Argentina (Nov/15) – Spanish

Hola a todos, voy a estar visitando Chile y Argentina en Noviembre y he estado organizando dos workshops sobre Drools y jBPM durante mi visita. Los workshops van a estar mayormente enfocados a Drools (por restricciones de tiempo) pero tratare de incluir una introducción a jBPM.

Cree una propuesta inicial para la agenda del workshop, pero esta puede cambiar dependiendo de el feedback que reciba de los interesados. Si quieren proponer mas temas por favor contáctense conmigo asi puedo ver como acomodar los mismos dependiendo del tiempo que tengamos disponible.

Version en ingles.

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Drools Workshops Chile/Argentina (Nov/15)

Hi Everyone, I’m going to South America for two weeks in November and I’m planning to deliver two community workshops around Drools and jBPM. The workshops will be mostly focused on Drools (time restrictions) but I will try to include brief intro about jBPM as well.

I’ve drafted an initial agenda, that might change based on the feedback from people that is planning to attend. Feel free to drop me a comment if you want to see something in particular. I will do my best to accommodate more topics based on the amount of time that we have available.

Spanish Version

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Google Summer of Code 2015 Success Story: jBPM Mobile (MGTW)

I would like to share with all you guys the success story from the Google Summer of Code 2015 program in collaboration with the jBPM project. This year Rodrigo Garcete from (Ciudad del Este) Paraguay, who this year was in charge of upgrading the jBPM Mobile implementation created using MGWT. This application is a proof of concept showing a fully functional mobile client that can deploy KIE Jars to the execution runtime and then start processes and tasks.

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