Building a Business Process with Human tasks on jBPM (Part 1)


Look at this blog post about how to get you started with jBPM

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A couple of weeks ago I started looking for human tasks tutorials in jBPM and I found that most of them used the business process that come with jBPM by default but I wanted something that would start from scratch and that could be followed step by step to achieve a working BPD with human tasks. Then I started talking with Salaboy about creating a tutorial about how to build a business process that involved human tasks.

The idea is to create a business process that will represent a loan request sent to a bank, where a user will request for a loan and depending on the amount requested

Let me try to guide  you through this:

  • Lets start by accessing the Business Authoring section from the Authoring menu on the top bar
  • Then we’ll click on New -> Project, let’s call our project “BankingApp”
  • After clicking on Ok…

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Use cases


Look at the updates about the GSoC 2014 for #jbpm

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Hi all,

The idea of this new post is describe a bit the integration points that I will develop during the GSOC 2014, to start to think about what will be covered and what could be done in a future.

First, a short description of the proposed project

jBPM allows you to improve your business in different ways. You can run the full BPM cycle using the new KIE Workbench functionalities. It’s often required that your business is around documents that needs to be stored, to be read by users of the system and take decisions about this in your processes.
The idea is to provide the possibility of upload documents from the KIE Workbench, taking into account user roles and rights, and then store them in process variables. This enable to the user to use the document properties inside custom tasks and human tasks.

Integration Points

Documents section


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London (May 26th) Drools & jBPM community contributor meeting

London, Chiswick, May 26th to May 30th

During next week a large percentage of the Drools team, some of the jBPM team and some community members will be meeting in London (Chiswick). There won’t be any presentations, we’ll just be in a room hacking, designing, exchanging ideas and planing. This is open to community members who wish to contribute towards Drools or jBPM, and want help with those contributions. This also includes people working on open source or academic projects that utilise Drools or jBPM. Email me if you want to attend, our locations may very (but within chiswick) each day.

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